Let’s go somewhere new.

Take your brand to a new place.

Color outside of the lines.

Unlock the chains.

Create space to breathe.

Explore new territories.

Go fast.

Make time-travel real.

Touch more people.

Be loud.

Disrupt the status quo.

Make it all mean more.

Stand for something great.

Go on the wildest ride of your life.

Welcome to Brand Travel

Hi. I’m Monaica Ledell.

I help brands break the rules and create their own. I’ve helped clients generate millions of dollars, generate thousands of leads and create disruptive, world-changing brands. I work with high-impact entrepreneurs, inventors and founders of start-ups who are trying to beautify/change/save the world.
If you want to take your brand to a new place, let’s talk.
I’m fired up.

Monaica Ledell is an international expert on branding and specifically revenue-charging your company’s brand. One conversation can change the entire trajectory of your business.

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